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  • Bargaining Session 5 | September 22, 2023
    On Friday afternoon we met with the University for our fifth bargaining session. The union proposed three articles and two Memorandums of Understandings in relation to proposals the University has made. The University provided counter offers on Intellectual Property and Meeting Spaces. Read on for summaries of our proposals, or you can read the full proposals here. Proposals Article XXII: Health Care We proposed 100% … Read more
  • Bargaining Session 4 | September 11, 2023
    There is a lot to share after yesterday’s eventful bargaining session. Here are some of the headlines: Zoom Compromise The University has agreed to our proposed compromise on remote bargaining attendance, so pending a written agreement we should begin live-streaming all future bargaining sessions on a rotating basis beginning. These are open to all members of the TNS community and will require sign-in with a … Read more
  • Bargaining Session 3 | August 25, 2023
    We are glad to report that bargaining today was much more productive than it has been over the past sessions. The reason for this is straightforward- the University’s external council, Akerman LLP lawyers, were not present at bargaining.  In their absence, we were able to make significant movement towards a compromise agreement on how to safely and transparently manage remote bargaining attendance for all New … Read more
  • Bargaining Session 2 | August 6, 2023
    On Monday, August 7th, the SENS-UAW Bargaining Committee (BC) had our second meeting with the University. We continued discussions of ground rules for bargaining, presented our first set of proposals to The New School, and reached a tentative agreement on Article XIII, on Personnel Files. The session opened with a bizarre conflict over the University’s previous offer to open bargaining to the New School Community. … Read more
  • Bargaining Session 1 | July 17 2023
    On Monday, July 17th, the SENS-UAW Bargaining Committee (“BC” for short) met for the first time with the University to discuss ground rules for our bargaining process. At this meeting, both parties delivered opening statements and the University presented a full raft of contract proposals.  Opening Statements The University opened the session with prepared remarks delivered by Sonya Williams, Vice President for Human Resources. Throughout … Read more