SENS in the News

When workers build power, people pay attention.

New School Free Press – Student Union Approves Labor Contract, After Months of Negotiation with TNS [December 10, 2018].

Public Seminar – Student Workers Ratify a Strong Contract [December 6, 2018]

Jewish Currents – The New School Celebrates 100 Years With a Graduate Union Contract [November 21, 2018]

Pacific Standard – At The New School, Labor Struggles Unite Students and Workers [May 25, 2018]

Inside Higher Ed – New School Grad Assistants go on Strike [May 9, 2018]

UAW News – Student Employees at The New School go on Strike [May 8, 2018]

Bloomberg News – The New School in NYC Hit by Student-Employee Strike [May 8, 2018]

Village Voice – Fifty Hours of Work for Twenty Hours Pay [May 7, 2018]

New School Free Press – Student Workers to Strike Amid Finals If Admins Don’t Meet Union Demands [May 1, 2018]

Public Seminar – Student Workers On the Line [March 8, 2018]

Public Seminar – Debt Comes for Us All [December 11, 2017]

Left Voice – Over 700 CUNY workers and students mobilized today for a new contract and 7k per course for adjuncts 

See our bargaining committee member Rose Fox at 1:39 advocating for a strong contract that protects academic workers.

The Nation – The higher education crisis is a labor crisis [May 9, 2017]

The New School Free Press – New School student workers can vote to unionize, NLRB says [May 2, 2017]

Public Seminar – I Will Not. . . [March 6, 2018]

The Daily Free PressWith labor board considering grad student unions, some BU TAs see need for bargaining [December 3, 2015]

The Chronicle of Higher EducationHow One College Became Ground Zero for Grad-Student Unionization [November 23, 2015]

Bloomberg Daily Labor Report – New School Wants NLRB to Preserve Brown [November 23, 2015]

Inside Higher EdNLRB Returns to Grad Student Unions [October 23, 2015]

The Chronicle of Higher EducationNLRB Will Consider Grad Students’ Unionization Attempt at New School [October 22, 2015]

ReutersNLRB takes up graduate students’ right to organize at private universities [October 22, 2015]

POLITICONLRB to review ruling on grad-student unionization [October 21, 2015]

The Brooklyn RailBack to School, Back to Work [September 8, 2015]

The NationAre Graduate Students ‘Workers’? [August 13, 2015]

Capital New YorkUAW Appeals New School Graduate Union Decision [August 13, 2015]

Capital New YorkCity NLRB director rules against New School grad union [July 31, 2015]

DissentBelabored Podcast #78: The Union and the University [May 29, 2015]

Capital New YorkHearings begin in New School grad-union recognition case [April 21, 2015]

Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report – NLRB Reinstates UAW Petitions to Represent Graduate Assistants at New School, Columbia [March 16, 2015]

Inside the Higher EdNLRB opens way to more arguments on behalf of teaching assistant unions at private universities [March 16, 2015]

The Chronicle of Higher EducationLabor Board Reinstates Grad Students’ Union Petitions at Columbia and the New School [March 14, 2015]

Capital New YorkIn U.A.W. win, NLRB reinstates grad union petitions [March 13, 2015]

The Chronicle of Higher EducationGraduate-Student Union Organizers Hail NYU Deal as a Breakthrough [March 11, 2015]

The New York TimesColumbia Graduate Students Push for a Labor Union [March 3, 2015]

Labor PressThe New School Students Union Wants Representation![February 27, 2015]

The NationAs the Semester Ends, the Student Movement for Black Lives Turns Up[December 22, 2014]

EIN NEWS3,000+ NYC RAs and TAs Petition NLRB for Union Representation – EIN News [December 18, 2014]

Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report – UAW Petitions NLRB to Represent RAs, TAs at Columbia, New School [December 17, 2014]

Inside the Higher EdUAW Seeks Recognition as TA Union at New School [December 11, 2014]

Capital New YorkNew School graduate union announces majority support [December 10, 2014]