We are the union of academic student workers (ASWs) at The New School, representing all student workers engaged in instructional and research work. This includes but is not limited to Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Course Assistants, and Tutors. We won our union in May 2017 with a landslide majority (99.6%) of academic student workers voting in favor of unionization.

Organizing Committee Meetings: Mondays, 6PM Social Justice Hub, University Center

Calling out all our members and allies to join us at our rally on Wednesday October 24th at 11.30 am in front of the University Center. Let's make some noise!

Chicago comrades! Go out and join LUC Workers Coalition because it's time to #bargainLUC

In academia we need to do better. Unionizing our workplaces makes school more accessible for everyone because of better economic benefits and stronger workplace protections!

President Barchi it's time to bargain seriously with your workers!

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