Support from Politicians

Leading up to our May 2017 vote, members of our community issued letters of support, urging the administration to respect our right to organize and conduct a fair election. Below are letters of endorsement:

Bernie Sanders: “I respect the critical work you do every day, and wish you the very best in your efforts to create a democratic workplace where your voice can really be heard.”

Faculty from across The New School: “Our RA’s, TA’s, and other student workers are indispensable to the university’s academic mission. They carry out important teaching and research, and through this work contribute significantly to the intellectual traditions of our academic community. It is in recognition of their invaluable contribution, and in support of their right to organize as workers, that we call on the university to remain neutral in the upcoming vote.”

From early on in our unionization efforts, we received support from our fellow students across campus, including the student governmental bodies the Graduate-Faculty Student Senate and the University Student Senate.