Bargaining Update | March 6, 2023

After bargaining until nearly five in the morning, the University has dug in its heels on equalizing healthcare across Masters and PhDs. They will not move on this issue, giving the union no choice but to strike. Forcing the union to wait nearly three hours, from 2AM onward, just to bring back the same offer, the university claimed that they still need more time. The union has bargained in good faith for over six months but at the eleventh hour The New School remains uncooperative on an issue that is vital to our members. 

While much movement was made throughout the night, their three hour delay in the middle of the night has forced the union into a strike. The university is trying to divide the unit between Masters and PhDs, but we know that we are stronger together and that our members cannot be pitted against each other.

Movement at the bargaining table overnight includes a number of workplace support and development programs. For PhDs, the university has agreed to explore a postdoc model where a certain number of PhDs may transition into postdoc roles. For international students, they have agreed to a $10K legal assistance fund. They have also agreed to explore development of a rental guarantor program for international students. For all Academic Student Workers, they have agreed to begin piloting a new university-wide childcare fund of $25K and to the creation of a working group dedicated to further developing the program. They have also agreed to provide a $10K professional development fund that will increase by $5K each year and that ASWs can take up to $500 from per semester. They have also consented to keep ICE off campus.

While the union is pleased by this movement, it is not enough to prevent our strike. Picketing will take place outside the UC tomorrow from noon to five. The union will be back bargaining with the University on Thursday. 

Find out more details in our Academic Student Workers Strike FAQ here.