Huge News: Brown overturned!

HUGE NEWS! We just won back our union rights thanks to a sweeping decision today by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).


The NLRB just ruled on GWC-UAW’s case at Columbia University restoring collective bargaining rights for graduate employees in private universities.

We expect the NLRB to rule on SENS-UAW’s case soon. If not we’ll reach out to them and update you as soon as we have more information.

Today’s decision – the result of years of tireless organizing by graduate employees – means we could have the opportunity to vote in a NLRB election and decide on having SENS-UAW as our union. If the majority of us vote yes, The New School would be legally obliged to engage in collective bargaining with us.

With collective bargaining, we would have the power to bargain as equals with The New School and make much needed improvements to our working lives. Any improvements would be secured in a contract that could not be changed without our agreement. We would be recognized for the significant role our teaching and research plays in making The New School a top-class institution.

In solidarity, the SENS-UAW organizing crew