Campaign Update

While many of us are still fuming over The New School administration’s rebranding campaign, we’re writing to remind you that, while you may not have a say in how your university looks, you DO have a say in your union. To review some of our major accomplishments in the 2014-2015 academic year:

  • A majority of student teaching and research workers (over 75%!) signed cards agreeing to be represented by SENS-UAW in collective bargaining.
  • On December 10 we met with the New School Administration and requested they voluntarily agree to a fair process in holding elections.
  • We also filed a petition at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to affirm our right to collective bargaining. The NLRB has now scheduled initial hearing dates for our case to begin on April 20, but the University is still considering reaching an agreement outside the NLRB.

We encourage you to come to an open forum on Monday, April 13 at 8pm on the6th floor of 6 E 16th Street where we will present and discuss the details of an agreement we are hoping to reach with The New School. This is a vital period for determining the future of SENS-UAW, so if you want to have a say in what our union stands for, join us!

Statement on New York University (GSOC-UAW Local 2110)

This week is a great one for graduate students all over the country! GSOC, the graduate student union at NYU, and the administration of NYU have successfully concluded negotiations for their second contract. We are celebrating with them, and congratulate GSOC for their endurance through a ten-year struggle to get to this point.

We believe the New School is strongly considering our own petition for recognition presented in December, and we hope that the successful conclusion of the contract negotiations at NYU leads the university to embrace collective bargaining with our graduate student union here at The New School. The agreement demonstrates that collective bargaining is mutually beneficial because it raises the community spirit and improves the learning environment for undergraduates, as well as creating positive working conditions for graduate students, whose labor contributes to a culture of excellence in the university as a whole.

With gratitude we acknowledge the difficult work of our comrades at NYU and at universities around the country, and we will persevere in our devotion to the struggle at the New School. In solidarity with those who labor everywhere!

National Adjunct Walkout Day

National Adjunct Walkout Day

On Wednesday we joined The New School part time faculty, ACT-UAW Local 7902, at the entrance of the University Center Academic in solidarity with National Adjunct Walkout Day. The union is currently bargaining their new contract with the administration.

We came together to remind The New School administration to “Do the right thing” and agree to a fair and efficient process to recognize our union for TAs, RAs, TFs, GAs and tutors, so that we can swiftly begin collective bargaining over our working conditions.

Going to the NLRB

Going to the NLRB

SENS-UAW Files Petition with the NLRB

As you all know, last weeks ago we announced majority support for SENS-UAW with a delegation of of us delivering a letter to the university for a fair and expedient process for recognition of our union. We’re disappointed the university has yet to respond, but we’re still open to meeting with the administration and discussing how together we can make a stronger and more democratic university.

20141217_nlrb_fbpostIn the meantime, we have now filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) seeking certification of SENS-UAW as our union. If the university continues to ignore our request, we hope the NLRB will affirm our legal right to collective bargaining and ensure a process where the administration is required to respect our choice on unionization.

As soon as we have new information about next steps in the NLRB process, we will let you know. You are also welcome to become more involved in the process by joining our weekly meetings or organizing more in your department.