Sign Your Union Card

Why is signing up for your union important?

After years of hard organizing, direct action, and a strike, we’ve finally won a union. We made serious gains in our contract, including protections against discrimination and harassment, annual pay raises, health insurance and university services fee rebate, and a grievance procedure to protect against various forms of harassment, among other benefits.

The next step now is to sign up and become a member. The more of us that become members, the more power we’ll have moving forward to build on the gains that we’ve already made. Moreover, because all academic student workers at TNS are covered under and receive the benefits of our contract, it is a condition of employment that you sign a dues authorization card.


How to sign a card

  1. Tabling: Stop by our union table, talk to a union rep, and sign a card. We typically table twice a week. Check your email. We’ll send out an email in advance describing when and where we’ll be tabling.
  2. Meet a union rep on campus: Email to get in touch with a union rep. Meet them on campus to have your questions answered and sign a card.
  3. Mail: If options (1) and (2) don’t work for you or you’re rarely on campus, you can print, fill out, and mail a card via this link. Remember to fill out the entire card. Postage is free. Unfortunately, there is no way to fill out a card online.

If you have any questions regarding your union card, please reach out by emailing