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Now that we’ve got a contract. . .

In February, Local 7902 will hold elections to get SENS-UAW members on the Joint Council, a SENS-UAW Unit Chair on the board and for shop stewards. Everyone elected in this term will serve until Local 7902’s Triennial Election in May 2020. The ACT-UAW 7902 Election Committee will handle these elections. For the remainder of this academic year, all paid positions (Unit Chair and Union Reps) will earn the Teaching Fellow rate: $40.80/hour. Below is a brief description of each position:

Joint Council Members: Joint Council members are elected by their unit. Units are entitled to one Joint Council member per 75 dues-paying bargaining unit members.  SENS-UAW will elect four members to the Joint Council. We anticipate the election will happen sometime in February. If there are fewer nominees than open positions, the nominees will be elected by acclamation.

Joint Council meetings are scheduled once a month, except for the summer months unless needed.

SENS-UAW Unit Chair: The Unit Chair is also elected by the unit. The responsibilities include overall supervision of grievances, and interaction with stewards and union reps from the unit. The Unit Chair is a member at large on the Local’s Executive Board, and should be available for meetings of the Executive Board and the Joint Council. The Executive Board meets once a month throughout the year. The Unit Chair will be paid through Union Leave funds negotiated in the current contract between SENS and The New School. The time commitment is approximately 10 hours per week.

Shop Stewards: Shop Stewards are elected positions responsible for liaisons between the Local and a particular school in the university. Shop Stewards may be union reps as well, which involves working on grievances and reach out for member sign ups. The position of Shop Steward is not a paid position.

Union Reps: Union reps are appointed by the president of the Local, and approved by the Executive Board. These jobs are funded by union leave, with a minimum weekly hourly commitment of 5 hours. They represent members of the bargaining unit in grievance proceedings and also have organizing responsibilities.  

We hold weekly Organizing Committee meetings, monthly Membership Meetings, and regularly support other organizing efforts across campus and across the city. We post about these meetings on our Facebook page.

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